Prophet Muhammad in the Poetry of Christian Arab Poets in the Modern Period
From classical to modern period, one of the most important subjects of Arab poetry is the eulogy of the Prophet. From the pre-Islamic period until the modern period, Prophet Muhammad was praised by many poets. The most remarkable of the poems in which Mohammed has been praised, are especially the poems written for different reasons by the prominent Christian Arab poets of the mahjar literature. Some of these poets see Prophet Muhammad as a leader who has restored Arabs from ignorance and darkness to light and civilization; and see Islam as a religion that would save the Arab countries from the depressions, and some of them have written poems to praise Prophet Muhammad due to reasons and motives such as nationalism, longing for the ancient Arab culture, and the desire to protect social values. This article deals with the poems of Christian Arab poets among poets of mahjar literature as well as poets in different Arab countries, and their reasons for writing these poems.

Prophet Muhammad, Praise, Mahjar Literature, Christian Poets.