Seven Symbols and Khatam in Ancient Mesopotamia and Judaism
With being symbols are mysterious, they are seals that express what they want to tell with the most simple and natural way and they speak all the people in the same language. The symbols are mysterious and it is seen as the something mysterious and has an unknown extraordinary power. In order to understand the symbols or to read them correctly, the cultural process to which they belong must be known. Symbols have been a communication tool in parallel with the needs of mankind in time. It is necessary to reach the origin of the symbols to discover their meaning, form and characteristics, and to establish a bridge between past and present symbol culture. The article deals with examples in the antiquity of the khatam/seal, which is widely used in magical works and one of the most famous among the people of seals which is known as a secret language of communication with spiritual beings by people of today and this article will try to examine the connection of the symbols with the belief in the god and whether these symbols drag the human into a possible polytheist faith and the place in Jewish culture as a bridge to the transition to Islamic culture.

Magic, Mesopotamia, Judaism, Khatam, Seven Seals