Analysıs Of Marıne Commerce In The Scope Of Marıtıme Museum Archıve Documents ( I9th Century)
The Maritime Museum Archives are connected to the Maritime Museum in the district of Beşiktaş. Istanbul. In the archive section there are Ottoman documents and manuscripts for many years. These documents mainly focus on marine trade and modernization after 1840. While the trade and modernization that we can reach in the documents of the 19th century is the main issue, the documents on the military navy are not included. In terms of Turkish maritime history, there are valuable documents and very valuable objects from past to present. In this respect, the history and history of economics researchers can do scientific studies, it is not yet discovered as an archive. Although the archive works are subject to long-lasting trace, it will shed light on researchers with many documents and notebooks such as economics of the day, product prices, foreign exchange prices, military trainings, costume dressings, legal regulations and laws. At the same time, no documents or bibliography are used except for the documents of the Naval Museum Archives. The changes in the world economy in the 19th century' closely influenced the Ottoman economy and the expansion of Ottoman foreign trade and the periods of contraction also influenced the developments in maritime transportation. Among them, ruthless competition and struggles in more and more effective use of marine resources and opportunities have created a significant part of human history and even cruel wars.

Maritime Museum. Ottoman State. Marine Commerce. Steamships. Archive