Usa Inclusıon ın the Cyprus Problem
Cyprus issue is one of the most exceptional issues in Turkish History and Foreign Policy. Both because of its strategic importance in terms of military, politics and commerce during its conquest and aftermath, and of the meaning of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for Turkey, Cyprus Island has always found its place among primary topics of Turkish political agenda. Besides, relations withUnited States of America who has been a trade partner and a political and military ally for Turkeyfor more than two centuries, has been a sensitive topic especially since the Cold War Era. Thus it is of great importance to study the inclusion of USAin Cyprus issue. USA inclusion due to Great Britain’s demands under Cold War conditions has made the issue more sensitive for Turkey. In this study, USA inclusion in Cyprus issue and its role in foundation of Cyprus Republic afterwards would be investigated by support of archive documents from USA National Security Council (NSC).

Turkish-American Relations, Cyprus Republic, Turkish Foreign Policy