Daıly Lıfe in The Cıtıes of Anatolıa Seljuqs
Daily life refers to the routines that are routinely carried out every day of the day, which are in a certain day in a literal sense. Daily life studies include all kinds of actions of human beings. The economic activities that people do to sustain their lives, the division of labor, the distribution of income, their social relations, the tools they use and many other things can be the subject of daily life. The Byzantine cities, which were destroyed due to the invasion of each other, were revived by the military achievements of the Seljuq sultans, the settlement activities and economic policies. XII. and XIII. Turkey was founded centuries of Seljuq city, which is a period of accelerated development activities. urban artists from Eastern countries, artisans, scholars and clergymen settled in this city, merging with indigenous peoples Turkey have created the colorful face of the Seljuq city. In this study, Turkey is researching everyday life in a changing physical and social structure of the Seljuq city. For this purpose, primarily the social structure of Turkey Seljuq city, are given information about the population and social strata. In the light of historical sources, daily life of Turkey Seljuqs was examined.

Turkey Seljuqs, Daily life, cities of Turkey Seljuqs