Muhammed Emin Er’s Work Called El-Faydu’r- Rabbanî Fi İlmi’l- Me‘Ânî Investıgatıon By Rhetoric
This study is related to investigation of Seyda Muhammed Emin ER’s (ö. 1905/2013) one of the most important personal figures who was born in the last period of the Ottoman Empire and has been working with the science throughout his life, work called el-Faydu’r- Rabbanî fi İlmi’l Me‘Ânî in terms of rhetoric. In this study, Seyda Muhammed Emin Er’s life, personality and scientific studies given brief information about, afterwards this piece of work which was written about the Me‘ânî part of the Arabic rhetoric was examined and evaluated. In this context, the contribution of the work to the rhetoric is resolved by analyzing: The content of the work, subject composition, style and general features were tried to be determined by examining. One of the remarkable points of the work was that the author used a short and easy style in his work. This situation has been contribute to understanding the work more easily. The results obtained from the study were presented by examples. On this occasion, it is aimed to clarify the issue. In addition, the determined issues have been evaluated by referring to the wider sources of rhetoric. As a result of this evaluation, the outstanding features of the work are listed as substances. As a result of study, the work has been evaluated within the framework of Arabic Language and Rhetoric and the opinions about its contribution to the field that have been put forward.

Muhammed Emin ER, Rhetoric, Meanî, Declaration, Bedi,