Post Organizations of The Mamluks
Mailing animal, cavalry, state mail, postal range, distance between two mail ranges, messenger, messenger, posters and files given to the mail system. The general name of the elements was used. In other words, all kinds of activities made in the name of communication are considered to be considered within the concept of misunderstanding. Byzantine, Samani and the Arabs used by the organization of the official official affairs in the history of Islam as a systematic way Hz. It is known to have begun during the reign of Muhammad. There are studies about communication systems in the early periods of Islamic history. We have intensified our research into the Mameluk period, where we see that the organization of the organization has become even more systematic. In Egypt and Syria, during the reign of the Mameluke Sultanate, the official peacekeeping organization was completely corrupted during the struggle with the Crusaders, especially in Syria.

Mamluks, Communication, Postage, Postal Ways