The Effect of Smart Telephone Use on Only: Erzincan Unıversıty Faculty of Economıcs and Admınıstratıve Scıences
The developments in the communication network, which gained momentum along with the globalization process, have the most influence on young people. Today, most of the young people represent the audience using smartphones. The widespread and excessive use of smart phones can turn into addiction. The Internet environment and the emerging social media applications (facebook, whatsapp, instagram, youtube, blogs, twitter, etc.) cause young people to spend a long time on smartphones. This situation causes many problems such as loneliness, sometimes socialization problems, sometimes failure to fulfill roles and responsibilities. The aim of the research is to draw attention to these problems and to raise awareness of the negative effects of smartphone use. 230 questionnaires were applied to the students of Erzincan University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and the data were analyzed by SPSS 18.0.

Smartphone, Loneliness, Social Media