Reestablishment of Township Administration in Manavgat
Ottoman Empire had to implement reforms in several areas in the 19th century. One of these areas was to implement certain administrative changes throughout the country. These changes offered the opportunity to conduct certain regional assessments, as well as the general administrative structure of the state. In the present study, the administrative organization of Manavgat township was discussed during in the years of reformation and the final period of the Ottoman Empire and the administrative changes were addressed. In the present study, the administrative organization in İbradı and Akseki township related to Alanya and Manavgat was discussed, as well as Manavgat itself. In brief, the process of re-establishment of Manavgat as a township during the period between Reformation and the Republican eras was discussed in the present study. In the manuscript and at the end of the paper, certain assessments about the process experienced in Manavgat were presented. It is possible to find detailed information on this period of transformation in Manavgat in the Ottoman Archives. These documents provide significant information on the administrative changes in Manavgat and its surroundings based on the views of local population and the central and provincial government officials. In addition to archival documents, it is also possible to follow the process using state and provincial yearbooks. It was considered that the present study would make a significant contribution to the administrative history of Manavgat and its vicinity during the 19th and 20th centuries.

19th Century, Ottoman Empire, administrative structure, Manavgat.