Former Turkısh State in Famıly And Adoptıon (Tutuncu Ogul) Issue
Family, society generation and therefore containing the desired resume parenting is based on an emotional basis harboring feelings of love and compassion. Old Turkish family structure in the first shows itself in the form of family nucleus. In ancient Turkish society is extremely important to have children, some marriages were accepted but will be counted in the Turkish tribes have become fully current with the child’s birth. This degree of importance on the role of children within thw family is as important as the role of mother and father. In this nomadic lifestyle and can not be ignored in terms of the geography of the ancient Turks ruled the steppes. Difficult living conditions of childen have required the family to help them grow a moment ago. This is the reason why the former government of Turkey for many reasons in the history of the son of acquiring institution is located between the old Turkish communities since the very ancient times and is known to be applied with great seriousness. Our study also adoptions in ancient Turks ‘tutuncu ogul’ issue has also been mentioned in other cultures when discussing institutions to foster in-depth manner.

Family, Children, Adoption, Traditions, Culture