The Salvatıon Day Celebratıons in Marash Accordıng to The News in The Publıc Maıl Newspaper (1954-1960)
The lands of the Ottoman Empire were occupied with the Mondros Armistice Agreement signed at the end of the First World War. The occupation forces, which put forward Article 7 of the Treaty, have started to implement the plans which they had previously made. Maras located in the south of Anatolia, was first occupied by the British. But after a while the British evacuated Marash and the French forces began to come in their place. After Marash people have experienced tense events during the French invasion, they decided to fight. At the end of the 22-day struggle, victory was won and Marash took his place in history as a self-saving city. This struggle of the people of Marash has been an example for other cities. The 12th of February, the day of liberation of Marash, is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm. Important preparations are made for the feast of liberation. Because the importance of being a hardworking and altruistic person in every Independence Feast is once more grasped.

The Salvation of Marash, feast, ceremony, newspaper.