A Woman oOpponent in Abdülhamit II Period: Princess Nazlı
One of the most important people of XIX. Century was Sultan Abdulhamid II. The Ottoman State was face to face with a lot of pressure and problems during the sultanate period of Abdulhamid II. Despite the effort of the Sultan- who tried to protect the State by eradication of all the opponent settlements against the Sultan, thereby against the Ottoman ruling- the opposition became intensified gradually. There were politicians, artists and writers as opponents. One of the most colorful and different characters of the opposition was Princess Nazlı, the daughter of Mustafa Fazıl Pacha. Lady Nazlı was a leading character among the woman intelligentsia of the period.Nazlı Hanım’ın Her connection with the Sultan Abdülhamid, her opponent character, her relationships with the Young Turks were reflected to the documents. These documents provides the possibility of looking to the period from a different point of view.

Princess Lady Nazlı, Abdulhamid II, Opposition, XIX. Century