The Disagreements of Mamluk Sultans and Nobles Within the Nizâm Concept
This study focus on nizâm perception which means agreement on authority and rights of sultans and nobles in the Mamluks era. With the contract committed, between both sides have been agreed on adhering to the articles which composing core of nizâm. But, along changing conditions, the idea that make the authority accepted was causing dissolution of agreement in a short time. In order to ensure his status, the newly crowned sultan began to create a new and completely loyal entourage against the elites composed of the Mamluk amirs. On the other hand, the senior amirs put pressure on the sultan in order to keep their present status and they even forced him to accept their demands. Thus, the process continued contrary to the mutual oath between the both sides. Reciprocal feelings of insecurity was resulting with disagreements between sultan and noble, which there are a lot of samples in the Mamluks period.

Nizâm, Sultans, Nobles, Sons of Sultans, Succession System.