The Death of Tımur in Arabic Sources And The İmage He Left
Timur, who has a distinguished place among the Turkish elders, undoubtedly, is an important figure that left deep traces in Turkish, Islamic and world history. Timur, who wanted to develop a world state, took a big step in realizing this ideal by establishing dominance in Transoxania. After establishing a tremendous state in the land of Chagatai, Timur arranged great expeditions on Khorezm, Horasan, Desht-i Kipchak, India, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Anatolia for the ideal of the world state he desired. One of these big expeditions organized by Timur is the expedition to China. There occurred some events that changed the course of this expedition. The most important of these is the death of Timur, who prevented the completion of the expedition. Timur continued his expedition that began in Transoxania for the sake of realizing his ideal, and continued until his death on his Chinese expedition. The expedition was interrupted by Timur's death, and this was registered as the last expedition of Timur. The life, deeds, and death of a great ruler such as Timur is frequently mentioned in contemporary resources as well as in later ones. There is very striking information about Timur in these works that was written in Arabic. In this study, the death of Timur during his last expedition to China will be explained through Arabic sources. Hereby, Timur's image in Arabic resources will be reflected to some extent as well.

Timur, Arabic Reources, Timur's Chinese Expedition, Timur's Death, Timur İmage