An Evaluatıon on The Convenience of Questions in The Educatıon Informatıon Technologıes Network (Eıtn) To Turkish Class Curriculum
Nowadays, the technology is developing so rapidly and it includes a quite important role in our lives. By the developing of technology and its generalizing, some changes which in education-teaching activities are needed. Countries which care the education and present the technology with the following generations accurately try to improve the facility of technology. In our country, by Ministry of National Education (MEB) gives a start to the FATİH Project which aims to integrate the technology wih education activities and aims to come up with the modern education standarts. An internet network, which is called as briefly The Educatıon Informatıon Technologıes Network (EITN), is created to give an information to FATİH Project. From this internet network, materials are shared for managers, teachers, students and parents. Of late years, in our education-teaching system commonly mentioned EITN system is an important education source for both from schools and homes to reach the information technology. For the turkish class, from learners are expected to reach the aims and the outcomes. These aims can be carried out with activities and practising which both in class and out class ones. Given questions, tests, applications in EITN for turkish class can made easy to achieve into aims and outcomes in The curriculum of Turkish Class. In this survey, the turkish class questions which is in EBA and the convenience of these questions to the outcomes of The curriculum of Turkish Class are observed. In this way, the questions’ content of EITN are searched out.

The Educatıon Informatıon Technologıes Network (EITN), The FATİH Project, The Gain-grasp test, A tea