An Evaluatıon on Geographıcal Terms in Old Turkısh
When one says The Old Turkish, the Turkish language that is spoken, before embracing Islam, on Mongolia steppes and Tarim Basin comes to mind. This period, which we divided into two as Kokturkish and Old Uighur Turkish, becomes more important because it contains the first written works belonging to Turkish. In order to learn how the words in the spoken Turkish are fed from a source and what changes they are exposed to, written works of the Old Turkish period, which are the source of these words, should be examined. Geography is the sense of place where people live. So use words that are associated with living in a society geography. There are many words about living in Mongolia and Tarim Basin before Islam in the Turkish language of the nomadic steppe and terminology. For this purpose Kokturkish at work and in the Old Uyghur Turkish period lived in Central Asia's vast steppes of Turkey belonging to geographical terms to determine what happened and Turkish, with historical dialects Karahanlı of these terms, Khwarezm-Altınordu, Kipchak and in the texts in Chagatai it is to examine how a user. In this context, some geographical terms in the Old Turkish texts that fell out of use in the historical periods of Turkish dialect, it was observed that some of these are used in historical dialects and Turkey continued to be used in Turkish. The geographical terms in Old Turkish are identified by considering the Vocabulary of Geographical Terms written by Prof. Dr. Reşat İzbırak and Vocabulary of Geographical Terms written by Doç. Ferruh Sanır.

Old Turkish, historical periods of Turkish, Turkey Turkish, geographical terms.