Mamluks Durıng The Perıod of Sultan Salah Ad-Dın Salıh
The twenty years of the Mamluk Turkish State after the death of Malik al-Nasir Muhammad are known as the period of political turmoil. In this mixed period of sovereignty between the sultans and the amirs, eight sons of Malik al-Nasir Muhammad were throne. Salih, one of the eight sons of Malik al-Nasir Muhammad, was removed from the throne by his efficient amirs in 1351 instead of his brother Hasan. The chances of the moves have been low because it takes over the state with a largely discharged treasure. During the reign of the three-year reign, especially the Baybukha Arus and the Arabs (urbans) had to deal with the uprisings by the rebellions, the sultan was able to suppress both rebellions, but he wanted to break the power of some influential orders have been deposed. In our papers, the political, military, administrative and social history of the Mamluk Turkish State in period of Sultan Salih was discussed.

Mamluk Turkish State, Sultan Salih, inflation, rebellions of Arab