Taberî Tefsirinde Müteşâbihü’l-Kur’ân Bağlamında Haberi Sıfatlara Bakış
It is cited in a verse of the Al-Qur’anthathand, faceandtheeyes of Allah, thenthat verse revealead in the Al-Qur’an as Muslimbelievetheexistenceandtherightness. Theverses of Al-Qur’anwhichmentionedthe form is thepicture of Allah’sshifah(God’scharacter) andtheseversesarecalledmutashabihverses. As it mentioned in thistheme, the main theme of ourresearch is toreveal how exclamation of passages of Al-Qur’an (theinterpretation) by At-Thabaryaboutmutashabihandmushkylversesandalsothestatement of theothermuphassir. Inthisresearch, wedivideintotwo main ideas, that in the First Chapter is “mutashabih verses which related to the essence of Allah”. Here, Al-Qur’an’s verses like hand, face and eyes are related to the essence of Allah, explained specifically from the interpretation of Thabary and the perceptions of the other muphassir. Then, the Second Chapter is “mutashabih verses which related to the work of Allah”, this is linked to the verses of Allah’s throne in the skies and on the Arsh and also the commands from Allah to the angels. All of it spotted through At-Thabary’s interpretation and a few of the other muphassir.

At-Thabary,newsadjective, mutashabih, comment.