The Use of Language in Sports Newspapers: Metaphors of War Used in The Newspapers Named Stad and Fanatık
Sport which is accepted as an element of commingling and combining people has become a part of our communal living. Television, radio, internet, newspapers and magazines give too much place to sport that has turned into a universal structure today. Sports newspapers are the leading newspapers which are read most and sports pages in newspapers attract the readers’ attention. From this point forth, the language of the newspapers, especially sports neawspapers, whose main aim is to notify and give information to their readers has been evaluated as the topic of academic researches. Various disciplines carry out studies about sports with different points of views and inspection methods. In this study, metaphors of war used in the newspapers named Stad (1939 – 1958) and Fanatik (1995 – still active) have been determined and the similarities and differences have been dwelled upon. Metaphors of war used from past to present has been tried to be appointed. Metaphors formed by establishing a relationship of similarity from different point of view between the concepts are often used in newspapers. Metaphors of war have often been benefited in sports newspapers in order to tell the sports news more effectively to their readers and to take the readers’ attention.

Language use in sports newspapers, metaphor of war in sport, expressions including violence in spor