Comparıson of Sports Systems for Some Varıables in Turkey Canada and Netherlands
It is accepted today that the structure of contemporary sports organization is influenced by variables such as development levels, cultures and demographic characteristics of the countries. This is among the countries that have identified this effect and at the same time have achieved sport participation and the sport is successful; It is important to examine and compare "Sports Systems" of Netherland and Canada with Turkey. The purpose of this study is; Sport organization and organizational structure in Netherland and Canada, sport financing, sport participation and sport policy are examined and the similarities and differences of these applications for sport system with Turkey are determined. In this study, a horizontal approach was used predominantly because of the vertical approach with the descriptive approach and the comparison of the sport systems of the countries. The research is limited to examining some applications of Netherland and the sports system in the Canada and comparing them with the practices in Turkey. In this study, documentary scanning technique was used to collect data. Data on Netherland, and Canada have been obtained from official public web sites and books of these countries. Similarity and differences have been revealed as a result of the comparison, and suggestions have been made taking into account the practices in Turkey. As a result of the research; it has been determined that the countries have different applications in sport systems according to some variables. The sporting systems of developed countries such as the Netherland and Canada are part or all under the control of the state. But it has been determined that responsibility is transferred to local governments and sports organizations organized in an autonomous structure and in Turkey sporting system is completely controlled by the state. It is also determined that the participation rate of sport in Netherland and Canada is rather higher than Turkey.

Comparative sports systems, participation in the sport, sports financing, sport policy.