French Lay Schools in Turkey (1919-1925)
French lay schools have come into existence in Ottoman Empire as of the last quarter of the nineteenth century. This is a development which occurs simultaneously as the understanding of Republican secular school began to evolve in France. In 1914s Turkey, from a total of 163 French schools only 12 are in secular nature. Despite the domination of the Catholic mission school in the French schooling in Turkey, it could be said the French lay schools were within a certain development until 1914. After the Mudros Armistice Agreement, these institutions did not realize an important activity. This study aimed to analyze the reasons why the French lay schools in Turkey could not make any progress between 1919 and 1925 despite the relatively fruitful conditions. The French governments of the period did not strongly support the French lay schools due primarily to economic and secondarily to ideological reasons. Moreover, the young republic regime in Turkey, in line with the national education policy and adopted pedagogical approach, did not allow the development of the French lay schooling, which though lay in nature offered a cosmopolitan educational milieu.

Turkey, French Lay Schools, Armistice Period, Early Republican Period