The Last Ottoman Parlıament Electıons in the Sanjak Of Antalya
The election system was applied for the first time with the Ottoman Councils. Only the two-graded election system, where men could participate in elections, was implemented. II. Abdülhamit's right to vote and be elected in accordance with the law in the 1908 elections was used after the proclamation of the Law. The elections in 1912 were the first early elections in Ottoman history, and in the 1914 elections, the Union and Progress Society entered as a single party and ruled power. After the Ottoman Empire was defeated by World War I and the Armistice and Mondros Armistice were signed, the 1918 parliament was annulled. With the resignation of the government of Damat Ferit Pasha, the establishment of Ali Riza Pasha government was opened and the decision of election was taken on 7 October 1919. The march of Antalya had to perform in the shadow of the Italian occupation. In this article, the last Ottoman Parliamentary elections held in the Antalya sanjak under the Italian occupation and the activities of the deputies in the parliament were discussed.

Parliament, Deputy, Election, Ottoman Empire, Antalya, Italy