The Cause and Effects of the Stone's Throw to İsmet İnönü in Uşak
Transition to the multi-party life in Turkey in 1946 was an important turning point for the history of Turkish democracy. The Democratic Party, which was founded in 1946, was elected in 1950. The Republican People's Party, which governed the country since 1923, became the opposition party. After the elections of 1957, the Democratic Party took drastic measures against media and opposition and tried to control them. İsmet İnönü went on a trip including the Aegean Region in order to tell the oppressive policies of the Democratic Party. İsmet İnönü departed Ankara on 29th April 1959 and came to Uşak on 30th April 1959. While he was going from the train station to the city centre, followers of the Democratic Party threw a glass to his vehicle. He was tried to be obstructed to visit the house which was used as headquarter of the Turkish armies during the War of Independence. İsmet İnönü, who came to the train station to leave Uşak, got stone thrown on the 1st May 1959. One of the stones hit his head and caused a minor injury. In this article we tried to give information about the pressures against the Republican People's Party and İsmet İnönü in the last years of the Democratic Party government, İsmet İnönü’s visit to Uşak, the speeches he delivered in Uşak and attitudes of followers of the Democratic Party who wanted to obstruct the visit of İsmet İnönü.

İsmet İnönü, The Republican People's Party, The Democratic Party, Uşak, The Uşak Incidents, stone-th