Translation Activities in Russia in the Age of Peter the Great
Under the rule of Peter Russia became an empire. His reforms during Peter’s twenty five years reign had great effect on becoming an empire. At the beginning of 18th century translations composed ninety percent of Russian texts. Peter translated an architectural book with the aim of supporting translation activities, requested to translate the manner “explicitly”. Translators under the rule of Peter, who worked primarily on branch translations (science and technic), had difficulties translating the terms which were missing in Russian language. This deficiency brings up the demand creating terminological system of their own language. During the first half of the 18th century translators’ activities in this field were important to determine the ways obtaining technical terms of Eastern Europe to Russian language. In Russian history the beginning of 18th century known as the age of Peter. His reforms cover the field of translation as taking in all fields in life.

Translation, Translator, Translation activity, Term, Literature