The Ottoman Heritage In The Government Literature Of The Single Party Period
Researchers studying the Early Republican Period, more frequently referred to as the Single Party Period, more often than not, use official publications in their research. Official opinions can be construed as the reflections of party ideology in this period in the written record. The boundaries and content of the texts were defined by the government. In these texts, in which the intellectual depth was shaped by the government, we see that the Ottoman heritage is criticised, while the products of the Republican period were approached in a positive light. There was an effort to develop a perspective for the future of the young republic, which would prevent the state from falling into the old habits and mistakes of the Ottomans. What was meant by “mistakes” must be considered with the dimension of the “possibility of the extinction of a nation”. In these publications, which are seen as the medium in which the topic was most frequently examined, the odds against which the modernisation movement of the Republican period succeeded are expressed in different forms. In this article, the author aims to study official publications from the single party period in order to identify attitudes regarding the Ottoman state and to assess the relevant findings.

Keywords: Single party period, Republic of Turkey, Republican People's Party, Ottoman Empire, Offici