Bolu High School
It was decided to found high schools in Ottoman State, equivalent to high schools today, based on General Education Regulation dated 1 September 1869. Superior to secondary school and including it, high schools used to function as medium institutions that trained students for higher education. Educational period of high schools was generally seven years for city centrums, and five years for districts. However, it was obligatory to have necessary equipment for an high schools to run seven years. For this reason, it cannot be stated that every high schools founded in city centrums delivered education for seven years. After the regulation dated 1869, an high schools running for five years was opened. This school was the leading educational institution in Bolu at that time. Administrative staff of the school procured good manner and moral grades to be included in diplomas, therefore they became particularly important in history of Turkish education. Furthermore, important people graduated from this school. Muallim Cevdet can be given as an example. In this study, it is aimed to observe instructional and educational activities of Bolu high schools externalizing high schools founded throughout the country.

Ottoman State, Kastamonu, Bolu, Education, High Schools.