The Volition Ethics As The Alternative Of The Matchless, The Voluntary Human As The Own Purpose Of Creation
There are two different approaches about dealing the human as an ethic living creature. According to the first submission as we can call "the historical consciousness", the ethics are tending to present the aspects of the human parting from and combining with general, widespread awakening. It is seen that the ethics which describe the human in position that has one alternative and that gets its reason from the ethical life of human in historical process are grounded over the mythological, scholastic, ideological that are the historical conscious nesses and the states of consciousness of the postmodern subject that claims to be the rest and the alternative of those consciousness. The volition ethics are expressing, the alternative that finds the reason of presence in “experience of revelation “and being re-described of the presence area of the human, and are identifying the presence of human as it’s the only one choice in the “being third position “starting from describing the presence area of human which is between the alternative existence and Hobson’s choice existence. While the alternative that meets the fictional area of artistic creation in postmodern situation is expressing its situation which is an option for current presence with functionality, it is described as the awareness of human creation in the alternative of the one that does not have an alternative which describes the human as a volition and the thing which is created becomes the life of it that it shows with its existence. The area of the art that has a creation substantially and the human that is described as living creature and creation which shows the third of the two choices are uniting at an attitude that we can call as “volition ethics”. This is the volition ethics that describes the presence purpose of human as voluntary and describes as the realization of its own existence and expresses the existence.

volition ethics, historical consciousness, and ethics of creating, alternative, new human