Perceptions Of Democracy At Middle School Scale: Validity and Reliability Studies
In this study it was aimed that to develop a valid and reliable “Perceptions of Democracy at School Scale” (PDSS) for middle school students (7.grade). For this aim by reviewing literature and taking some expert’s opinions, likert type scale developed consisting 54 items and applied to 276 students. The exploratory factor analysis (EFA) yielded a four-factor model and the goodness of fit indices produced by confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) confirmed the fit of the model to the data. Reliability of PDSS also proved by Cronbach’s Alpha analyses, Cronbach’s Alpha values of four factors are between .807 and .736, and scale’s Cronbach’s Alpha value is .872. Thus, it was concluded that “Perceptions of Democracy at School Scale” (PDSS) is a reliable and valid.

Perceptions of Democracy, Middle School Students, Developing a Scale, Validity, Reliability