he End of 19. Century and The Beginning of The 20. Century Foreign Trade in Syria
Due to its geographical position, Syria is on the transit route between Asia, Africa and Europe continents. It has the opportunity of both sea and road transportations. Because of these features it has been the cradle of many civilizations throughout history and become one of few places having been commercial centers. First in the world production and trade, Syria is one of the regions where the establishment of centers took place, particularly in the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East which have been close to the Mediterranean ports of neighboring states, including the provision gate open to the world trade. For the world of international trade, the end of 19. Century and the beginning of the 20. Century, despite all adversities of the period, was the time in which the world’s trade accelerated and evolved. During this period, Syria, with its foreign trade, became an international trade center which consisted of 1/6 of the Ottoman Empire’s total import and export. In this study, Syria's imports and exports, accordingly their impacts on neighboring countries as well as on the region’s economy and the economic situation of port cities in the region were examined.

Syria, the Eastern Mediterranean , the Middle East , Import, Export.