Offerings Sacrificed To The Gods In Ancient Mesopotamia
Since, the Paleolithic age, the mankind have sacrificed offerings to their Gods for looking good before them, preventing malice which may happen, not being punished by them and ensuring their wishes are carried through by their Gods. Furthermore, in non-celestial religions, people sacrificed offerings for uttering their feelings of admiration to anything (such as thunder, lightning, lunar eclipse and etc.) due to various reasons, offering thanks for blessings of their gods and settling furious gods. The societies of the Prehistoric period who established a specific system of Gods, offered them food on daily basis by considering that the Gods needed to eat just like humans. Therefore, some researchers suggest that offerings came out for satisfying the nutrition needs of gods. The offerings regularly sacrificed for the gods were recorded by the temple clerks. The offerings have begun in the prehistoric ages and continued up to now. The offerings which established an important part of

Offering, God, Temple, Ceremony, Mesopotamia.