Assessment of Texts in Turkish Textbooks in Terms Of Language and Expression
ABSTRACT The curriculum of the national education firstly prepared in 1929, has changed up till today and consequently with the last modifications in 2006 reached recent form and so led to fundamental innovations in Turkish education system. However researches indicate that even if curriculums and methods are changed, course books seem to remain the same content. In Turkish course curriculum, it is covered that reading texts must have 27 characteristics. Seven of these characteristics are related with the language property. The purpose of this study is the compatibility analysis of the reading texts in Turkish course books issued by Ministry of National Education press which was prepared according to the new model released in 2006 and used in public schools for the academic year 2011-2012; according to the 7 of 27 characteristics and other language and expression properties determined as a result of researches. During the research, scanning method was used and study was cramped with the 8th grade textbook of Turkish course issued by the Ministry of National Education Press and which was most widely used throughout the Turkey in the academic year of 2011-2012. The problem of the research includes the question of “In terms of language and expression properties, whether the reading texts in course books offered to the students with the license of Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education are sufficient or not.” When the answer of this question examined, the result revealed that the reading text selected for the course books should be chosen more attentively and more carefully in terms of language and expression properties.

Ministry of National Education (MNE), Turkish course curriculum, language teaching, text selection.