The Role Of The Internet By Phone Problem Spelling And Pronunciation
Turkish language which is the major intangible cultural heritage of the Turkish nation. Turkish language which is living from the moment of the Turkish people lived that has been home to countless civilizations. Turkish language which is transmitted the present day changing and growing, living in the most mature period. Shows a lack of attention to spelling and pronunciation of the Turkish that place among the world's languages with the aesthetics structure having a history of such a glorious. This lack of attention is possible to see in all sections of the country. We expect to pay attention pronunciation; television and radio correspondents, news presenters, the press spokesmen, the team and the organizations managers, the film and serial artists, teachers, heads of the party, and all the people who are appealing to the public. As a simple example; people around us let’s make the pronunciation of the name ‘Sait Faik Abasıyanık’ who is famous writers. You will see a short syllables told pronunciations. In fact, "Sait" the last syllable of the name, "Faik" the first syllable of the name is long. It is possible to see this and similar other millions sample almost every day. More negatives occurence in spelling and pronunciations is recent years due to the development of technology in means of communication. In the field of spelling and pronunciation phones and internet which frequently used by the new generation there is a complete devastation. This unfavorable situation is in phones message section, part of the internet e-mail, correspondence, video calls and etc. all areas related to communication. In this study, reached the degree of the problem spelling and pronunciations in the case where the phone and on the internet will be explained with the help of examples.

dictation, pronunciation, problems, telephone, the Internet