A General Analysis on Medieval Europe within the Context of City, Government, Religion, Politics and Thought
The symbolic features of medieval political thought and political structure are feudal order and the strong Catholic Church. International relations in Europe during the medieval period were shaped by the factors such as city, state, religion and politics. Certainly, behind the economic, political and political aspects of the Medieval period, there used to be a rich ideational basis. This ideational richness is universal and not only effected the relationships of the political units and civilizations during that period but also continues to effect international politics in today’s world. These ideas based on religion and philosophy shed light on international relations via different perspectives from St.Augustine to Ibn Khaldun. This paper aims to explain the underlying ideas and developments of international relations in the Western civilization by analyzing the relationship among religion, politics and political units during the Medieval period.

Medieval Period, City-State, Western Europe, Feudalism, Catholic Church