Inner Journeys In Religions: On the Origins of the Riyazah (The Asceticism)
This article focuses on the Riyazah (asceticism) or “Inner Journey”, an important phenomenon in religions. The issue is handled after probing the Riyazah and trance states in religions under the light of religious phenomenology methods. The purpose is to know phenomenal codes of these inner journeys which we face them as suffer, recluse, self-control, intense focus and enlightenment experiences such as yoga or mysticism, wisdom and Gnosticism, descending to their origins and finding their religious bases. This study reaches the following conclusions: The man anticipates that a missing truth is being shielded against him in a universe surrounded by mysteries, his soul is imprisoned in body walls and he is arrested at a place which is not worth to him. Moreover, human feels virtually chilled on this piece of land far from being satisfactory, broken off from his origins with an endless isolation, since he felt left alone and orphaned in a place full of pain and agony, he struggled to fly by his stateless spirit, set up on a spiritual journey toward his mainland and he described these journeys with deepest inspirations.

Riyazah, Inner Journey, Inner Sacrifice, Yoga, Gnosticism, Mysticism, Reeling, Trance