Local Elections Of 1989 in İzmir
Local elections may sometimes be as impressive as general elections in regard to their results. Local elections which held on March 26, 1989 were one of the most important local elections in the history of the Republic. In this paper, it is focused particularly on local elections of 1989 in İzmir. Besides, it is evaluated the ambiance and the results of elections both in provincial and national levels. Even though seven political parties participated into the local elections in İzmir, competition was mainly among only three political parties, namely Motherland Party, True Path Party and Social Democratic Populist Party. Voter turnout was approximately 75%. When rightist votes were shared by five parties, leftist votes were represented by only two parties. Social Democratic Populist Party continued to rise since general election of 1987, and won greater city municipality of İzmir with 5 mayoralities. When Motherland Party won only one mayoralty, True Path Party won 3 mayoralities, and Social Democratic Populist Party won all the remaining mayoralities in districts. Ruling party lost Ankara and İstanbul greater city municipalities besides İzmir’s. Motherland Party which aims to be in power until the general election of 1992, lost its ground heavily and was forced to contest in early general election in 1991.

Local Elections, İzmir, Motherland Party, Social Democratic Populist Party, Burhan Özfatura, Yüksel