The Approach of the Ottoman Rule to Armenian Schools (1878-1900)
The Armenian “millet” in the Ottoman Empire were targetted by the missionary schools from the beginning of the 19th century. They’ve re-acted by opening private schools to be able to keep the community in a united form and raise the awareness of national idendity. It was also a great period for the Ottoman modernization, especially Tanzimat era and the first Constitutional period. A lot of major structural changes were realized on the institutions, judical and as well as educational system. It was a great reformation period especially for the non-Muslims and foreigners. Beside Tanzimat and Islahat edicts, a special regulation was created for the Armenian Nation in 1863, which is considered to be the first constitutional text in the Ottoman history. The government was aiming to improve learning system in a modern way, as well as to control the schools accross the country. The Regulations of General Education (Maarif-i Umûmiye Nizamnâmesi) is implemented in this regard in 1869. Russo-Ottoman war of 1877-78, was a great trauma for the Government, due to Armenians in the eastern provinces to cooperate with the Russians.

Armenian Schools, Abdulhamid, Ferid Paşa of Vlore, The Regulation of Inspectorate of Non-Muslims an