The Place and Importance of Social Work Approaches in Resocialization Process of Children Who Have Committed Crime and in the Context Of Human Rights
This article primarily handles the philosophical foundations of human rights and freedoms, the rhetoric of human rights in terms of juvenile delinquency, human rights, children pushed into crime. Later, the relationship between the social work profession and the topic will be discussed. Then the formation of criminal behavior and the treatment of children via social services in terms of the ecological system approach will be discussed. In this framework, role and function subjects of the ecological approach will be avaluated in relationship with to the micro, mezzo, exo-and macro-levels of the ecological system approach. In the conclusion, the protective function of social services for children forced to commit a crime and the importance of family intervention and the strengthening are emphasized. Social work intervention can be applied at every level of the system children are in. Generalizing preventive macro level social work to direct social policy is especially of importance.

Child Delinquency, Social Work, Generalist Social Work Approach, Ecological System Theory, The Empow