The Scorpion as a Religious and Apotropaic Symbol in the Ancient Mesopotamia
In general, it is understood that the values and symbols belonging to the community are also the visual representation of the culture in that community. These visual expressions provide information regarding the society’s beliefs, social behaviours and identity. In this context, it shows that almost every society in the history as well as societies nowadays has given a specific meaning to some plants, animals, objects or signs and given them symbolic values. No doubt that this was also relevant for the Ancient civilizations. We can say that there was a rich animal symbolism in the Ancient Mesopotamian cultures. The scorpion is one of the interesting animals from the Ancient Mesopotamia. This study focuses on the meaning and the purpose of using the scorpion as symbol in the Ancient Mesopotamia according to the archaeological evidence and the written sources.

Ancient Mesopotamia, Symbol of the Scorpion, Goddess Ishara, The Assyrian Queen, Scorpion-Man.