The Rise of the Batinis, Their philosopy and activities in the foundation of Great Saljûk Empire and in the years of Sultan Alp Arslan
The disagreements that occurred due to the debates on caliphate and rulership which began after the death of Prophet Mohammed brought back both political and religious conflicts. As a result many sects were formed and while some of the states in Islamic world supported Sunnî mentality, some others defended Shî‘ism. Among these states, Great Saljûks had been the biggest protectors of Sunnism since their foundation. The foremost states that adopted Shî‘a mentality are Fâtimids and Buwayhids.Tughril brought Buwayhids end after his expedition to Baghdâd in 1055. Fâtimids, who started their activities in Northern Africa and increased in Egypt and Syria, had been the protectors of Ismâ‘îlism and Batini sect and by means of propagandists named dâ‘is, they started to spread their doctrines out in the state of Great Saljûks. By this way the Batinis, as in the whole Islamic geography, had traumatic effect on Great Saljûks, as well.

Batinis, Great Saljûks, Shî‘ism, Sultan Alp Arslan, Nizâmiyya Madrasas.