A Booklet on “the Children’s Act” in the Sufi Jilwatiyya Order
This study aims to study a brief booklet titled “the children’s act” written by Bandırmalızade from Üsküdar who was a sufi Jilwatiyya sheikh of the recent century his life. The paper also gives information on the writer’s life and works. Bandırmalızade Ahmed Münib Efendi was born in 1858 in Üsküdar Tavaşi Hasan Ağa Street. His father was Bandırmalızâde Sheikh Küçük Mehmed Gâlib Efendi. Ahmed Münib Efendi completed his education at Üsküdar Fıstıklı School,Paşakapısı High School and Toptaşı Military High School, and then made a career of sufism under the auspices of his uncle, Sheikh Mehmed Fahreddin Efendi. He was entitled with a diploma on the sufi order of his father. he officially had a position at Imperial Estates and Foundations Office (Evkaf-ı Hümayun Nezareti). After a twenty-nine years of service, he was retired his on request from the Office of Management of Cihat (Cihat İdaresi Katipliği) in 1909. He died in 1918 in Üsküdar. Ahmed Münib Efendi has a lot of works that published and unpublished. Mecmua-yı Tekaya, Mir’atu’t-Turuk, Hukuk-ı Veled, Ta‘rifü’l-Hitan ve Risale-i Akika are among his printed books. “the children’s act” involves information on a juvenile’s rights from birth to his teenage years such as circumsision, breastfeeding, having education and so on.

Jilwatiyya, Sheikh, Haşimiyye, Bandırmalızade Ahmed Münib, Hukûk-ı Veled.