Sex and Sports
This study investigates how the rate of doing sports, the sports that are done, the sports that are desired to be done and the aims of doing sports differ in relation to sex. The study was carried out in Istanbul. The data were collected through a questionnaire created by the researcher and applied to 570 people (303 men, 267 women) by random sampling technique. The findings are presented as crosstabs. The findings show that women do sports more regularly than men do. The findings also indicate that football is in the first place in the sports done by men while walking is in the first place for women. The first sport activity that is desired to be done by both sexes is swimming. As for the aim of doing sports, the results show that having fun, making new friends, feeling belonging to a group and gaining money and respect are more important for men, while delaying aging, keeping psychologically and physically fit and losing weight are more important for women.

Sex, Sports, Gender