The Kulan (Wild Ass) in Turkish Hunting Culture and It's Characteristics
Animal kulan (khulan) the name given in Turkish, starting from the mythological cycles until recently hunted by the Turks and the flesh is eaten. Precise provisions on the prohibition of hunting and meat of wild asses in Islam are not available. In history is known to by the Arabian, Persian, Mongols and other tribes hunted the wild ass. In Turkey, different meanings to the name kulan of some of the main source translation and in academic publications are given. In some of these wild horse, wild ass in some, while others have been explained in both meanings. What is the kulan of this study and its place in Turkish hunting culture has tried to identify. In historical dictionary and sources, the kulan seems to be wild ass. In addition, kulan in Turkish, place, person, plant and clan is used as the name. Kulan the name of some Turkish dialect has preserved its meaning wild ass. In others, with the word kulun (colt) has been subjected to affinity meaning. Kulan in biological classification Asia wild ass (Equus hemionus) is defined as. It is referred to as Asia a half-ass.

Hunting, Kulan (Khulan), Wild Ass, Wild Horse, Kulun