Eskişehir Prison in the Late Ottoman Era (1890-1920)
This research explores the state of Eskişehir prison in the Ottoman Empire in the late 19th and early 20 th century within the framework of contemporary reform attemps regarding Ottoman prisons. During the research the documents, particularly those of the Directorate of Prisons of the Ministry of Interior, about the Eskişehir Central Prison for the period between the early 1890’s and the end of 1920’s were examined and the news which appeared in the local newspapers of the era were reviewed. Including the physical structure of the building, the activities of construction and repair, the prisoners and the detainees kept in prisons, the frequency of criminality, the stuff, the question of safety and security and the sanitary problems, are all among the topics of focus of the study. Eskişehir is known to have been one of the places accorded with a precedence in constructing new prisons, but the overall misery experienced in the country obstructed and successful attempts in the town. The desolate state of the current prison and the abuses among the stuff, on the other hand, made the Eskişehir prison a place with highest rates of escape among ita matches.

Key Words: Prison, Eskişehir, Prisoner, Crime