Edebi Eleştiri Bakımından Alice Walker'ın Mor Yıllar Romanı
This paper focuses specifically on the most important theme of Walker's well-known novel The Color Purple; abuse of women in terms of Feminist Criticism. For centuries, the role and the relations of men and women are regarded according to their societies' way of living. Men are regarded as the ruler or, in a sense as the dominant part of the society while women are seen weak and thought to be helpless. As in the case in Walker's prize winning novel, women are forced to live under the dominance of their rulers, until one between them realizes her value, stands against the abuses and declares her identity as a powerful women in the society. This article aims to reveal Celie's struggle as a child first then as a grown up woman in the light of her hearth-wreching fight for survival in terms of Feminist Criticism. In this context, this study focuses on the novel, The Color Purple, with respect to its well-known themes of woman abuse, sexism and racism, male dominance, power of narrative voice and power of strong female relationship.

Feminism, Feminist Criticism, abuse of women, male dominance, sexism, racism