An Actor, A Historian: The Aspect of Köprülü and İnalcık to Republic Turkey
Two figures, who are Fuad Köprülü and Halil İnalcık, are significantly a political actor and a historian in Turkish Republic. Both of them are concerned with single party term, have opinions new Turkish Republic. There is master-student relationship between Köprülü and İnalcık, so, they are fragments of all which sustain a tradition. In this sense, their aspect to Turkish Republic and single party term is also meaningful. Köprülü and İnalcık complains worn order that appeared in the last term of Ottoman era and they are supporter of becoming contemporary. Although both of figures give importance to way leaded by Atatürk, they look with hesitation to some application of single party term, particularly criticize to cadres of single party term. This study aims to exhibit Köprülü’s and İnalcık’s understanding to the epoch.

Single Party Term, The New Turkish Republic, CHP, Fuad Köprülü, Halil İnalcık, Atatürk