Codification Movements in Ottoman State, its Ideology and Institutions
In this article, historical mission, ideology and emergent institutions of codification movements which occured in Ottoman State after the Rescript of Gulhane have been studied. Some economical, political and social changes have happened in Europe especially after French Revolution and Industrial Revolution. These changes have brought about new judicial norms. Ottoman State has followed the codification movements in Europe as she has done in the other fields. In modern meaning, codification movements in Ottoman State have begun as principles were predicted in the Rescript of Gulhane. Interaction with Europe determined the changes in Ottoman state structure, economic, politic and social life that began with the codification movements. In short, the need to new regulations because of developing and changing complicated economic, politic and social relations was the reason of the codification movements in Ottoman State. Also, new institutions have been emerged in Ottoman judicial system as natural consequence of the codification movements. Important missions have been given to these institutions in executing the justice mechanism.

Ottoman State, Codification Movements, Law, Rescript of Gulhane, Modernization.