An Assessment Of Islamic Elements In The Epic Of Battal Gazi
Social conditions of Anatolia provide not only the development of a religious literature but also a legendary literature in the period of Anatolian Selçuklu. The battles between Turks and Byzantium in Anatolian borders create some legendary products. These continuous battles which form Akritas Epic in Byzantine literature create legendary products like Battal Gazi’s Epic and Danişmend Gazi’s Epic among Turks. One of the most well-known and known epics of Turkish literature is the epic of Battal Gazi, too. Many domestic and foreign researchers has made work about the epic of Battal Gazi. It was simplified and made into stories and novels, even its movie was made and it was presented to the new generations’ service. Turks gave Battal to the veteran title and they lived him in their dreams for centuries. Connecting him to the descendants of Hadrat Muhammad Turks gave him the adjective sayyid. Turks symbolized him as an unforgettable hero in the process of the battles against Byzantium. In our study, the existence of Islamic elements in the Epic of Battal Gazi were examined. With the examination results, it was observed that the effects of Islam can be felt in the different parts of daily life in the epic.

Epic, Battal Gazi, Islamism, Turk.