City of Mecca and Its Virtues within the Scope of Hadiths
Mecca is the city in which the first revelation took place and it is one of the cities in which Islam has arisen and progressed. It has had a special place in the hearts of Muslims. It is expressed as “The Mother of the Cities” (Ummu’l-Kurâ) and all the cities in the world turn towards it for the prayer. There is plenty of verses and hadiths about the sanctity of the city. A lot of enduring recollections were gone through in the first 13 years of Islam in Mecca. Its special position is reported in the verses and the Prophet Abraham has prayed for the city. Prophet Muhammad was born in this city and liked it so much. Kaaba, the Qibla of the Muslims, is also in this city. All these factors have awaken the interest of Muslims to the city through the history of Islam. In our research, the city of Mecca and its virtues are investigated within the context of verses and hadiths.

Mecca, Virtue, Kaaba, Protected Area.