“Bu benim eserim” proje yarışması hakkındaki öğretmen görüşleri
This study investigated the opinions of teachers participated in ‘This Is My Work’ project competition on the applicability of the competition, the difficulties they faced and its contributions to science education. In this study, phenomenology which is one of the qualitative research methods was employed. Semi-structured interview was used as a data collection tool. Data was collected with four science teachers. Data analysis was conducted through descriptive analysis. Based on findings, the participants encountered difficulties in respect to time, cost and place during project preparation process. In conclusion, the project competition positively affected the students’ achievement. Nonetheless, the participants stated that project assessments should be fair, project preparation period should last longer, and should reach the large masses. As a suggestion, it is believed that clearly notifying students and teachers of project assessment project and selecting the assessment jury among stakeholders (teachers, students, managers, parents, etc.) is important.

“This Is My Work” project competition; science education; project based learning