Some Observations on the Armenian-Georgian Religious Relations
This study examines the significant periods in the national and religious developments of Armenian and Georgian history and presents that at the onset of Christianity two nations did not have an apparent conflict but tensions arose over the time because of sectarian differences and their cultural developments were significantly similar because of the influence of both Byzantine and the Sasanid Empires. Armenians and Georgians tried to stand up against the political and cultural hegemony powerful state two states between Persia and Rome the period before Christianity. During this period it showed partial joint action. Christianity began with sectarian violence, particularly increased tensions between the two communities began to declare their only legitimate Armenian Christianity themselves representative in the Caucasus. However, it has prepared the ground for the start of political and religious by Armenia shaping the great ideals in the coming years, conflict a portion of the Armenians in Armenia show the geography of Georgian territory. The problem of identity even today some churches and monasteries that survive based on discussions that took place in the middle ages.

Caucasian, Byzantine, Armenian-Georgian Religious Relations